Junior High Courses >

Sound Learning’s junior high course offerings are laid out in a way that comprehensively prepares students for the rigor of high school classes, whether those take place with Sound Learning, in the home, or even in the public school setting.  They were the original class offerings when Tess Doornink and Joy Pope first started teaching the classes in 1993 and have had a long-standing success in preparing students for the academics they will need in their continuing education.

– Life Science 
– Earth Science Offered 2016-17, 2018-19

English –
Composition 1 – Following Narnia Volume 1  6th-7th grade
Composition 2– Following Narnia Volume 2 8th-12th grades
Literature and Composition – 8th-9th grades

Social Studies
– World Studies 
Ancient History   Offered 2016-17, 2019-20
– American Studies Offered 2015-16,  2018-19

– Algebra 1

Introductory Logic Grades 8-12