Algebra 1

Denise Kowalski, Instructor

 Course Overview:This one-year, two-semester course conquers the unknown.  How do you make the unknown known?  What if you have two unknowns?  And most dreaded of all, how do you translate English questions into math equations? Yes, I’m talking about those Word Problems.  You’ll even learn how to graph nearly any equation because a picture is worth a 1000 words. Students will use an interactive eText, daily videos, and multimedia learning aids to master Algebra 1 material.

Student Expectations: Students are expected to participate in class as well as complete assignments, quizzes and exams at home.  Plan on spending 60 minutes/day outside of class, Tuesday-Friday, on Algebra.  Daily progress will be monitored and Mrs. Kowalski requires DAILY math work.

Parent Involvement:
Parents need to do the following:
-Get their students to class on time.
-Provide oversight and encouragement for their student’s daily progress on assignments.
-Regularly monitor their student’s grades.
-Issue final letter grades. At the end of each semester, parents and students are given a summary of all scores on chapter exams, quizzes, homework, and participation in class.
Visit Sound Learning’s general course requirements for more information.

Requirements and Readiness: 
1.)Students must have reliable internet service, a printer, 1hr a day to spend on math.
2.)Students are ready for Algebra I if they can complete this Summer Work Packet with 70% or better. Summer packets are due on the first day of class.   Answer key for Summer Work Packet.  They must also have their multiplication tables mastered through 12s.

Day and Time: Mondays 11:20-12:25

Text: MyMathLab Algebra 1, student by Pearson, price: $49.97
ISBN10: 0132939347 ISBN13: 9780132939348
Can be purchased at MyMathLab Algebra 1  Only the student access kit is needed, not the parent access kit.

• $110 per semester
Students must  purchase their own MyMathLab subscription.

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