Tuition and Fees 2017-2018

Payments are due September 11th and January 22th and are non-refundable after the first 10 days of the semester.  Invoices will be sent to families in late August and in January.  Checks can be made out to Sound Learning.

Tuition and fees do not cover any textbook purchase, if required, or supplies purchased by student and family.

ClassTuition and FeesTotal Text Rental included in Tuition
*Student Fee Required of each student, each semester$10$20N/A
Composition Following Narnia Vol 1 - 6-7th grades$170$340No
Composition-Following Narnia Vol 2 8th-12 grades$180$360No
Literature/Composition $180$360No
Intro to World and American Lit$185$370No
Advanced Literature and Composition$185$370No
World Studies $145$290Yes
Washington State History$160$320Yes
US History $170$340Yes
Life Science $150$300No
Physical Science$160$320Yes
Algebra 1$110$220No
Algebra 2$110$220No
Advanced Mathematics$130$260No
Introductory Logic$135$270No
Church History and Apologetics$85$170Yes
**Study Hall $25$50N/A

*A $10 Student Fee is required of each student each semester.
**Study Hall Fee is required of all students who are on campus but are not enrolled in a class.