Course Requirements

Sound Learning classes are conducted in what might be known as a hybrid format. While classes do meet once a week for lecture and activities, students and parents are required to communicate with the teacher throughout the week. As such, there are a few requirements in place.

Students/Parents will need:
– Daily e-mail access
– Consistent Internet access
– Computer access for daily work
– Word processing software (Microsoft Office is highly recommended. Open Office is an acceptable substitute.)
– Basic office supplies (stapler, three ring binder, hole punch)
– Textbooks as required by each class*
– A printer (handouts are generally not distributed in class by teacher – students are responsible for printing assignments, handouts, etc)

*Some teachers provide students with the opportunity to rent textbooks on a yearly basis. Others require the purchase of textbooks

Additionally, students and parents need to be familiar with the responsibilities placed on them upon enrollment in a Sound Learning class. These include but are not limited to . . .

Student Responsibilities:
– Attend class on a regular basis, responding attentively to the classroom environment
– Communicate with teacher when needed – turning in assignments in person or via e-mail, checking grades, etc
– Complete homework daily
– Work with parent in the learning process
– Check daily
-Read and agree to our policies as set forth in the 2017-2018_Sound Learning Handbook

Parent Responsibilities:
– Proctor exams, tests, and quizzes in the home setting
– Assist students in homework
– Provide accountability to students
– Communicate with teachers concerning grades
– Check e-mail daily
-Read and agree to our policies as set forth in the Sound Learning Family Handbook

Drop off and pick students up from classes on time. Late pickups highly inconvenience the teachers and their families.
– Keep student transcripts and assign letter grades, if necessary.

Sound Learning uses an online learning platform that has access for both students and parents. It is recommended that both parents and students check this system daily.