Ancient History 1 & 2

Ancient History 1 & 2
Grades 6-8
Elisabeth Moseng and Tess Doornink, Instructors

About this course: In this two-semester class, students will be immersed in an interactive overview of history, covering the time from pre-history to the end of the Middle Ages. Weekly classes will focus on key civilizations and ideas of Ancient History, in a fun and structured environment. This class is intended to introduce students to the study of history and geography, and to give them a background in ancient history that will be useful in their future studies. Additionally, the course focuses on teaching important study skills, like note taking, writing and reading techniques.

During the week, students will complete reading assignments, writing exercises and workbook activities designed specifically for students in the homeschool environment. It is expected that students will come to class with prepared to participate in that day’s activities. Parents should be ready and willing to provide oversight for their individual student’s daily progress on assignments. Grades will be based on homework, quizzes and tests, and participation in class.

Ancient History 1 is the 6-7th grade section of this class. It will focus on key civilizations and ideas of Ancient History along with learning basic study skills.

Ancient History 2 is the 8th grade section of this class. It will also focus on key civilizations and ideas of Ancient History, but will have a larger focus on writing and high school preparation.

Journey Across timeText: Journey Across Time – The Early Ages. 2004. ISBN-10 – 0078241332. Jackson J Spielvogel.
Although not written from a Christian perspective, Journey Across Time takes a remarkably conservative and well-founded view of ancient history, including regarding the Bible as a true historical document and including the history of the Jews as part of the historical progression. The author, Jackson Speilvogel, is a prestigious textbook author, previously a college professor at Pennsylvania State University. Written with National Geographic, Journey Across Time is well written, easy to read and full of beautiful graphics and maps. Used books can be found for under $15.00.

Requirements: Students must be in the 6th to 8th grade, and have at least a 6th grade writing and reading level. Student’s family must have reliable internet access with e-mail and a printer.  A workbook will be provided.

Day and Times:
Ancient History 1 – 1:00-2:20
Ancient History 2 9:55-11:10

Ancient History 1 $140 per semester, $270 yearly plus registration fees
Ancient History 2 $145 per semester, $280 yearly plus registration fees

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