American Studies 1 and 2

Grades 6th – 7th, and Grade 8
Elisabeth Moseng and Tess Doornink, Instructors

This course may be offered again in 2018-19


About the course:  This highly accessible course for middle school students focuses on the history and  principles of the American constitutional government.  This course presents the Constitution through its historical context and philosophical foundations rather than as a series of facts to be memorized. Students will also focus on American geography and the different regions that make up our great nation.  Students will be required to complete reading,  homework questions, and most exams at home.  Students will review difficult material in class through lectures, quizzes, fun activities and discussions.  

Parents should be ready and willing to provide oversight for their individual student’s daily progress on assignments.  They should also review ALL graded work with their students and regularly monitor their student’s grades. Grades will be based on chapter exams, quizzes, homework, and participation in class.

This class is currently being offered in two sessions: 
American Studies 1 and American Studies 2 

American Studies 1 is the 6-7th grade level version of this class. It will focus on the history and principles of our American government and geography along with learning basic study stills.
American Studies 2 is the 8th grade level version of this class. It will also focus on the  history and principles of our American government and geography, but will have a larger focus on writing and high school preparation.

Texts: We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution ISBN 0898181739.  The use of a printed textbook is included in the tuition. An optional  one year subscription ebook can be purchased here ($9.95) .

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