Instructor:  TBA

Class Overview
This one year, two semester course focuses on the study of matter.  Anything that can be touched, tasted, smelled, seen or felt is made of matter.  Get ready to understand the “what and why” of the matter around you using the text, discussion,  demonstrations, labs, videos, and homework.  The instructor serves in the role of tutor and paces the course to keep students on track for mastering all the text material (and having a little fun with it, too.)  Many labs will be done at home.  Sorry, but there will be no labs involving explosions.  After finishing this course, students will have good working knowledge of chemistry and college bound students will have a strong foundation for a more rigorous chemistry courses.

Student Expectations: Students must be self-directed and self motivated. A high school course requires a willingness by the student to dive into material.  This is a class where the student boldly tackles the material by coming to class and keeping up with daily assignments.  The teacher is there to tutor you on tougher concepts and to ensure understanding.  Notes will be taken using the Cornell Notes style.  You are required to complete 1 short but interesting oral presentation and 1 project per term. Completion of labs and correcting your own homework is your responsibility and will help you understand the concepts.  You will complete tests at home, and hand them in for grading by me. Chemistry is a daily thing and it is heavy on math.  You will find you have more success studying a little every day, rather than a weekend marathon.  Plan on spending 60 minutes/day outside of class, Tuesday-Friday, on Chemistry.  My past students would advise you to keep up with daily work and not allow yourself to get behind.

Parent Involvement:
Parents need to do the following:
-Provide oversight for their student’s daily progress on assignments.
-Review graded work with their students and regularly monitor their student’s grades.
-Issue final letter grades. At the end of each semester, parents and students are given a summary of all scores on chapter exams, quizzes, homework, and participation in class

Students must have reliable internet service with email access, and a printer.  Algebra 1 is a prerequisite.  No other high school science course is a prerequisite.   Scientific notation is heavily used in chemistry and a strong understanding is helpful. Visit Sound Learning’s general course requirements for more information.
chem bookText: Exploring Creation with Chemistry by Dr Jay Wile, second edition
ISBN-10: 1932012265
ISBN-13: 978-1932012262
Solutions are provided by the instructor.
Parents are responsible for purchasing text. Spring prices are cheaper than fall prices. No books are available for rent at this time.


Day and Time Mondays 9;55-11:10

Tuition  $175 per semester 

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