United States History

 Grades 10-12
Elisabeth Moseng, Instructor

This exciting two-semester (1 credit) class provides an overview of United States history from European exploration to the present, focusing on providing an understanding of the concepts and themes that shape American history.

Weekly classes will include discussion of significant events, people, and concepts. Students will use Robert A. Divine’s textbook  America Past and Present: Combined Volume – Brief Edition. This college level textbook is selected for its readability and concise coverage of important events that allows students time to explore important themes of American history. Weekly study guides will assist students in reading comprehension and note taking, while assessing understanding via short answers and paragraph writing strategies. Weekly quizzes and regular exams will evaluate students’ understanding of the material.

Students need to have at least a 70% grade for fall semester to continue into spring semester.

Maximum Class Size: 12

Day and Time:   Mondays 11:20-12:35

10th – 12th-grade students must possess grade level reading and writing skills.  New students may need to complete a writing sample for placement. Students will need daily computer access to complete assignments and must have reliable internet service with e-mail and web access, as well as a printer.

Tuition  $160 per semester

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