About Our Courses

Sound Learning courses meet weekly on Mondays, at Peninsula Bible Fellowship in Bremerton, WA. The church is conveniently located between Silverdale and Bremerton and provides excellent access for those in North, Central, and South Kitsap. Classes occur throughout the day, from 8:30 to 3:30 pm. For more information, see the 2018-19 schedule. Classes meet from September 10th to May 20.

Our classes seek to find a middle ground between a co-op class, where parents take part in leading and teaching the classes, and a full guided private school experience. The teachers of Sound Learning prepare a full curriculum, lecture in a classroom environment one day a week, and provide guided activities and homework for the student during the remainder of the week. They grade, assess, and communicate with the student about their work. In many senses, it is laid out much like a college classroom.
However, our teachers acknowledge that the parent is still the student’s main teacher, and rely on the parent to guide instruction at home, ensure completion of homework, and work alongside the teacher to ensure the student’s success. For more details, visit course requirements.

Sound Learning started with a science class for Junior high students that met at Tess Doornink’s home in 1993. In 1996, Joy Pope joined teaching Jr High Literature, and the classes moved to meet at the Log Cabin at Peninsula Bible Fellowship. In 2009, Sound Learning left the Log Cabin for the main church building. In 2010, we added high school classes, and Valerie Otheim joined us teaching history after teaching at her home since 2004.  Fall 2012 brought more changes and more growth. Denise Kowalski joined us to teach Biology and Algebra, and Bridget Frahm taught Art History. In 2013, Elisabeth Moseng,  daughter of Tess Doornink and former student at Sound Learning, joined the faculty teaching junior high social studies and high school history. 2014 saw more changes as we divided Language Arts into 2 classes and expanded our offerings. 2016 Valerie Otheim and Joy Pope began and are continuing  the certification process for teaching the IEW writing program.  In 2016 we also welcomed Elisabeth Sheppard, who teaches Physical Science.  This year we welcome Jaymie Pennington who will be teaching Biology and Willma Redhed teaching art.

Throughout the years, many happy parents and successful students have passed through the classes at Sound Learning. To read what they have to think about their experience, visit our testimonials page.