Since 1993, Sound Learning has touched the lives of almost three hundred home school students and their families in the Kitsap County area.  Read what some of the parents and students have to say about their Sound Learning experiences . . .

Our children have taken 7 different courses from Sound Learning now, and there is not a teacher nor a course that is not excellent. Besides the amazing teachers, who somehow balance challenging coursework with just the right amount of homework, our students have made lasting friendships with other kids from great families. We count Sound Learning to be one of the greatest blessings of homeschooling in Kitsap County.
~ Kristen M.

Sound Learning has been a wonderful experience for our family! In addition to being excellent college preparation, Sound Learning helps younger students make the sometimes difficult transition from the elementary years into the junior high years. The teachers do an excellent job of teaching the students greater levels of responsibility, accountability, time management, organization, etc. in the junior high classes. Students learn basic skills such as coming to class prepared, having assignments completed and ready to turn in, and paying attention to detail. Their skills grow as they continue to participate in Sound Learning classes. I can’t say enough good things about the classes and teachers at Sound Learning!
– Heather W

Moving on from being homeschooled and attending Sound Learning, to Running Start and going to school at Olympic College, I have looked back and realized how much I value what I learned from all the teachers at Sound Learning. Having now taken the majority of the general chemistry series at OC, which is definitely one of the hardest classes I have ever taken, I am so grateful to the year of chemistry that I took with Mrs. Stewart to help me prepare for an extremely hard class. Sound Learning also helped me with my work ethic and disciplining myself to do my homework, and to do it well. Overall, I’m very glad that I took classes at Sound Learning, I firmly believe that they are one of the main reasons that I have been successful in college.


Sound Learning is an amazing program. After nine years of home schooling, the last three being with Sound Learning, two of my kids switched to the public high school, and a third switched to a private school. All three easily made the transition and all three continually tell me how glad they are for the teaching they received at Sound Learning. The teachers definitely had an impact on their character building and for that I am forever grateful!
– Carol T

The learning foundation that both of my children gained from Sound Learning’s Jr High courses carried them through their public high school years. All subjects are clearly taught from a biblical world view. Awesome program!
-Wendy M