World Studies

Grades 6th – 8th
Elisabeth Moseng, Instructor

About the course:
This exciting and accessible course focuses on the regions and peoples of the world.  Through readings and map studies we will learn  how to view, analyze, and understand the world around us.  In class activities will couple with lectures and discussions, helping students achieve an appreciation for their surroundings and an understanding of the surroundings of others.

We will use a case study approach and look at real geographic challenges that regions and their peoples face.  Students will also choose from a list of fiction works to read throughout the year, focusing around areas that we have studied. During the week, students will complete reading,  maps, questions, quizzes and unit exams. It will be expected that students come to class prepared with assigned reading and homework.  Many assignments will be done using the computer, such as making documents with images and internet activities. Parents should be ready and willing to provide oversight for their individual student’s daily progress on assignments.  Grades will be based on maps, homework,  quizzes and tests, and participation in class.

Texts:  Geography Alive! Regions and Peoples.  2006 158371426X
This is not your traditional geography book.  The emphasis is on real life challenges people face around the world. Its unique approach makes geography fun and interesting!  The instructor has 10 copies of the text to loan.  These will be available on first come basis.  Please email the instructor to request a loaner text.  All other students will need to purchase the text.

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Day and Time: Monday 9:55-11:10

World Studies I – Students must be in the 6th to 8th grade, and have at least a 6th grade writing and reading level. Student’s family must have reliable internet access with e-mail and a printer.  A workbook will be provided.

Tuition and Fees: $145 per semester

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