Study Skills for Sound Learning

Valerie Otheim, Instructor

These weekly workshops are designed to encourage specific skills, strategies, traits, and attitudes of successful students, grades 7-12. Workshop topics include “executive skills” such as time management, organization, and attentiveness; “learning styles” for utilizing individual strengths/intelligences; general study skills for effective note-taking and test-taking; and specific academic skills for Sound Learning math, history, science, literature, and composition courses. Students participate in weekly workshop activities and are accountable for completing at-home assignments related to each topic. Throughout the school year, specific character traits are highlighted to reflect the meaningful purpose of work and create a better understanding of their “vocation” as students. Parents will be included in a variety of activities as needed for student accountability.

Maximum Class Size: 12

Day and Time: Mondays 1:00-2:20

Student’s family must have reliable Internet service with email access and printer.
Visit Sound Learning’s general course requirements for more information.

Tuition and Fees: $100 per semester = $200 a year, plus a $20 yearly building fee and $15 one time registration fee

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