David Graves, Instructor
Grades 11-12

This course was offered in 2015-16 

Course Overview
This two-semester course focuses on the study of motion. It will start with one-dimensional motion and  from there to two-dimensional motion followed by the concepts of force, work, and energy.  Other topics to be covered include periodic motion, waves, magnetism, and electricity.  The book contains many labs that you will do at home.  Supplemental material may be brought in to help explain concepts or to further challenge students wishing to delve farther into the material.  Hopefully, the course will encourage you to look at your daily life and creation around you in light of what is moving and what is causing those things to move.

Basic Requirements:
-A solid understanding of algebra and geometry.
-Trigonometry will be encountered in this course.  However, knowing trigonometry is NOT a prerequisite.  Such knowledge will make parts of course easier, but we’ll cover “trig” as we go along.
-Students will need at least a 70% overall score for fall semester to continue into spring semester.
-Visit Sound Learning’s general course requirements for additional information.

Student Involvement:
-Apply yourself to learning the material.  The focus is now on “your learning” vice “your being taught”.  The goal is understanding the concepts as well as the mathematics involved.
-Read the material, answer homework problems, and come to class.  This is the bare minimum.
-Complete labs and re-work incorrect homework. This will help you understand the concepts. (Be sure to review Appendix C  for a list of the lab supplies you’ll need.)
-Spend daily time with the physics material.  Don’t try to cram one week’s work into a single sitting; you won’t remember it.  Plan to spend 45-60 minutes a day, 4 days a week, on physics.
-Complete tests at home and turn in for grading by the teacher.  Tests are closed-book, closed-notes.

Parent Involvement:
-Oversee your student’s daily progress on assignments.
– Review graded work with your student and regularly monitor your student’s grades.
– Issue final letter grades.  The teach will provide you with numerical scores  for homework, quizzes, tests, class participation, and projects.

Teacher Involvement:
-I will be there to tutor students to ensure understanding and to assess and encourage student progress.
-I will pace the course to keep us on track for covering all the text material, but will set a schedule such that there is time for the material to be well understood.
-I want this course to be challenging, but will also attempt to explain concepts in terms of things we experience almost everyday.

Day and Time:

Text (parental purchase):physics-book
Exploring Creation with Physics (2nd Ed.) by Dr Jay Wile
ISBN-10: 1932012427
ISBN-13: 978-1932012422