Language Arts 1

7th Grade
Joy Pope, Instructor
About this course:  This course is designed for students entering junior high to develop their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking skills.  Students will learn about specific genres of literature, including adventure, survival, and science fiction.  They will be introduced to the elements of literature.  They will learn to discuss literature and write in response to literature with higher level thinking skills.  They will also participate in literature circles and be encouraged to read and write for appreciation and enjoyment. Students will also gain skills in public speaking and project presentation.

In addition, students will work on vocabulary development and sentence structure.   They will be introduced to the process of writing and asked to compose paragraphs in specific genres, such as descriptive, narrative, and literary analysis. Students will learn to evaluate their writing for the traits of ideas and content, organization, voice, and conventions.

Students will need to plan for 45-60 minutes of homework three to four days a week.  Parents must provide oversight for student’s daily progress on assignments. Grades will be updated weekly at   Students who do not have a 70% at the end of fall semester will need instructor permission to continue. By spring break, students must have an 80% or above and instructor permission to enroll in Language Arts 2.

Please visit Sound Learning’s General Course Requirements and Sound Learning English Department Sequence for more information.


  • Instructor permission based on Writing and Grammar Assessment.  The assessment must be submitted to Joy Pope within 5 days of submitting your registration forms.

Day and Time:  Monday, 9:55 – 11:10 a.m.

Maximum class size: 15

Tuition: $165 per semester = $330 yearly, plus registration fees

Required Student Materials:      

  • The Cay, Theodore Taylor
  • Student selected Survival novel (student’s choose one of the following)

The Hatchet, Gary Paulsen
Island of the Blue Dolphins, Scott O’Dell
My Side of the Mountain, Jean Craighead George

  • The Giver, Lois Lowry
  • English handbook, dictionary, and thesaurus – either online or hardcopy
  • I will provide packets for writing instruction units. Student will be responsible to print them.

Recommended Materials: 
 Fix it! Grammar (Levels 1-6)
For parents who want a structured grammar program, Fix it! Grammar encourages students to immediately apply new grammar knowledge in context, aiding in the transfer of grammar skills into their own writing. Student lessons require both independent and interactive work with a parent to apply terminology and strategies from Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. After determining student placement, purchase of a Fix It! Grammar teacher’s manual also provides free access to a downloadable PDF copy of the student workbook for each level.

Fix It! Teacher’s Manual
Spiral Bound, $19.00 (Each Level)

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