Composition 2 – Following Narnia Volume 2

Joy Pope, Instructor
Valerie Otheim, Instructor
Grades 8 and above

Classes are full – Contact Tess Doornink to be placed on the waiting list.

narnia 2

This course is based on the book Following Narnia Volume 2: Aslan’s Country by Laura Bettis. Writing instruction and exercises will be presented through lectures, lessons, and interactive activities. Students will write paragraphs and essays based on the last four novels in the Chronicles of Narnia series.  The student book includes source texts about related topics at a reading level that allows students to strengthen and develop writing skills. Checklists will focus on advanced content, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions. Students will also participate in weekly literature group discussions about each book.
Students will need to plan for 45-60 minutes of homework three to four days a week.  Parents must provide oversight for student’s daily progress on assignments, as well as function as a parent-editor for all writing assignments.
***Parents must also attend at least one Sound Learning composition course orientation and be available to work weekly as a parent-editor with their student.
Grades will be updated weekly at  Students who do not have a 70% at the end of fall semester will need instructor permission to continue into second semester. Visit Sound Learning’s General Course Requirements for more information.

Pre-requisites: This is an entry-level English class for Sound Learning.  There are no pre-requisites.  However, if your student is not writing at grade level, please contact me.Please visit Sound Learning English Department Sequence for more information.

Contact Information:  E-mail jpopecreekside  Phone 360-710-1810

Course Day and Time:  Classes are full – Contact Tess Doornink to be placed on the waiting list.
Section 1 Monday 8:30-9:45
Section 2 Monday 1 pm- 2:15

Maximum class size: 10

Tuition: $180 per semester = $360 yearly

Required Student Materials:
Following Narnia®, Volume Two:  Aslan’s Country (Student Book)
Spiral Bound, $29.00 (1st edition)
Prince Caspian, by C.S. Lewis
Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by C.S. Lewis
The Silver Chair, by C.S. Lewis
The Last Battle, by C.S. Lewis
Student Resource Notebook, Free PDF Download with purchase of the book

Recommended Materials: (not required)
Fix it! Grammar (Levels 1-6)
Grammar will not be formally taught in this class. For parents who want a structured grammar program, Fix it! Grammar encourages students to immediately apply new grammar knowledge in context, aiding in the transfer of grammar skills into their own writing. Student lessons require both independent and interactive work with a parent to apply terminology and strategies from Teaching Writing: Structure and Style.
After determining student placement, purchase of a Fix It! Grammar teacher’s manual also provides free access to a downloadable PDF copy of the student workbook for each level.
Fix It! Teacher’s Manual
Spiral Bound, $19.00 (Each Level)

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