JH/HS English Composition 1

Valerie Otheim  Joy Pope, Instructors

Sound Learning is pleased to offer two composition courses based on Andrew Pudewa’s Teaching Writing: Style and Structure. Both classes will utilize DVD lectures and exercises for instruction in:

  • Note Taking and Creating Key-Word Outlines
  • Public Speaking from Outlines
  • Writing from Notes
  • Narrative Writing with Paired Non-Fiction Text
  • Writing from Pictures/Inquiry Based
  • Information Text/Report Writing
  • Inventive/Creative Writing
  • Persuasive/Argumentative Writing
  • Critique Writing
  • Writing from Literature

English Composition 1 (Grades 8, 9, 10)

Using The Chronicles of Narnia, this course introduces junior high and high school students to Andrew Pudewa’s Teaching Writing: Structure and Style program. During weekly class meetings, concepts and exercises will be presented through DVD lectures, lessons, and interactive activities. Following Narnia, Vol.1 Student Book provides weekly assignments with excerpts from the first three novels in the series, texts on related topics, checklists, and wordlists at a reading level that allows students to strengthen and develop writing skills. Students will keep guided reading journals as they independently read The Chronicles of Narnia and other books of their choice from a recommended book list.

  • Instructor permission
  • Returning students: LA 1 or LA 2 or Eng 1
  • New students: Writing and grammar assessment    Assessment must be submitted to Valerie Otheim within 5 days of submitting your registration forms.

Sound Learning’s English Course Sequence

Day and Time:  2 Sections

7th grade Monday 9:50-11:10 with Joy Pope

8th – 12 grade Monday 1:00-2:15  with Valerie Otheim

 Maximum class size: 15

Tuition: $180.00 per semester, $360 yearly, plus registration fees

Required Student Materials:

Following Narnia®, Volume One: The Lion’s Song
Spiral Bound, $29.00 (3rd edition)

Student Resource Notebook (Includes Grammar Review and Exercises)
PDF Download, file available from instructor at no cost

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

Recommended Materials: 
 Fix it! Grammar (Levels 1-6)
For parents who want a structured grammar program, Fix it! Grammar encourages students to immediately apply new grammar knowledge in context, aiding in the transfer of grammar skills into their own writing. Student lessons require both independent and interactive work with a parent to apply terminology and strategies from Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. After determining student placement, purchase of a Fix It! Grammar teacher’s manual also provides free access to a downloadable PDF copy of the student workbook for each level.

Fix It! Teacher’s Manual
Spiral Bound, $19.00 (Each Level)

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