Church History and Apologetics Seminar

Grades 10-12
Valerie Otheim, Instructor

About the Course:This series of workshops encourages 10th -12th grade and early college-age students to explore the history and foundational teachings of Protestant Christianity while applying spiritual truths to life. In addition to reviewing the first 26 questions of the New City Catechism, students will delve into the history and foundational teachings of the Christian church from A.D. 33 to modern times through two DVD series, Christian History Made Easy and History of Christianity. Students will also investigate scientific and moral evidence for the existence of God, focusing on reasons for faith in a skeptical culture through The Truth Project. Weekly group time will include a 15-30 minute video presentation followed by discussion, including being challenged by common objections and questions about the Christian faith. No homework will be assigned to allow participation of students with demanding academic schedules.

Pre-requisites: Possess a general interest in history and theology plus a desire to be equipped to stand firm and live out God’s grace and truth in this world.

Day and Time: Mondays from 2:25-3:25

Required Student Materials: The instructor will provide materials as downloadable, printable files.

Week by Week Class Schedule

Seminar Resources
About the DVD Series:“Christian History Made Easy summarizes the most important events in the history of the church, from the time of Jesus to modern day. Christian History Made Easy explains early church history, the Church Councils, the Great Schism, the Crusades, Francis of Assisi, John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformation, and more. Christian History Made Easy presents key church history events and great Christian leaders everyone should know, along with full-color church history timelines, photos, pictures, and maps. [This is an] an excellent Bible Study, adults Sunday school topics, or homeschool curriculum.” (Rose Publishing)
About the Catechism:New City Catechism is based on and adapted from Calvin’s Geneva Catechism, the Westminster Shorter and Larger Catechisms, and especially the Heidelberg Catechism, giving good exposure to some of the riches and insights across the spectrum of the great Reformation-era catechisms.” (Timothy Keller)
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Tuition:  $85 per semester

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