Dr. Kellie Bickel, Instructor

 Course Overview: This 2 semester one credit biology course studies the fundamental characteristics of living matter.  We will begin with the chemistry of life and ecological communities, move to the cell and genetics, and then survey the kingdoms: microorganisms to chordates.  We will finish with a study of the human body. Students will review difficult material in class through lectures, demonstrations, and discussions. After finishing the course, students will have a solid understanding of biology and science study skills. This course will also respectfully cover creationism, intelligent design, and evolution as a student of biology should have a basic understanding of each.  Class size is limited to 15 students.

 Student Expectations: Students are expected to participate in class, complete reading, video, and written  assignments, complete exams at home, and complete frequent pop quizzes the first 5 minutes of class. Some labs will be done at home or on a field trip, while others will be completed in class. Students should plan on spending 45-60 minutes/day outside of class, Tuesday-Friday, on biology.

Parent Involvement: Parents need to get their students to class in time and provide oversight for their student’s daily progress on assignments. They should also review ALL graded work with their students and regularly monitor their student’s grade.   At the end of each semester, parents and students will be given a summary of all scores on chapter exams, quizzes, homework, lab reports and participation in class. Final letter grades are the responsibility of the parent. Visit Sound Learning’s general course requirements for more information.

Priority will be given to students in 9th-12th grades who possess grade-level reading and math skills.

Student’s family must have reliable internet service with email access, and scanning/printing hardware.Biology Book Cover

Texts:  Biology, Prentice Hall by Miller and Levine
ISBN-10: 0132013495 | ISBN-13: 978-0132013499 | Edition: Student.  
Students need to purchase their own books.  Spring prices are cheaper than fall!

Day and Time: Mondays 9:55-11:10

Tuition: $170 per semester, $340 yearly plus registration fees

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