World Art History

Art History – The World Masters was offered in the 2012-2013 school year.


History of Art:  The Great Masters 2012-2013
Grades 7-12
Bridget Frahm, Instructor

 About this course:  This is a two semester course focusing on the great art masters of the world.  It will cover the time period between the 13th century and today.  The course will familiarize the student with the major art movements in history as well as each movement’s great masters.  Class will consist of two parts:  a period of instruction, which will include a daily quiz on past instruction; and a hands-on art activity to accompany the day’s artist.  Homework will be limited to reviewing the artists/movements and occasionally completing art projects.  This is a pass/fail course.  Passing the course will be based on daily quizzes, participation, and completion of the projects.


  • Smiling faces and a desire to be creative and try new things!
  • Willingness to following instructions and use art supplies properly in the lab portion of class so as to protect the church’s building from becoming damaged.
  • Arrive on time – we only have 50 minutes!
  • Student’s family must have reliable internet service with email access, and a printer

Texts:  Students will not need to purchase any textbooks.

Materials:  Most art supplies will be furnished and/or checked out for all projects. There will be a consumable art supply fee (amount to be determined, but under $50.)