Advanced Mathematics

This class is currently not offered.

Class Overview
This intense one year course covers both a PreCalculus curriculum with a heavy emphasis on Trigonometry and a light Calculus curriculum to ensure success in college level Math.  Vectors, as well as polar coordinated, are also covered to help ensure success in Physics.

Student Expectations: Students are expected to participate in class, complete and correct assignments, complete exams at home, and complete pop quizzes. Answers to homework assignments are posted on Schoology.  If you cannot figure out how you missed a problem, you need to ask for help and not let it slide by. Math is a daily thing.  Working throughout the week rather than a weekend marathon ensures success.   Plan on spending 60-70 minutes/day outside of class, Tuesday-Friday, on Math.

Parent Involvement:
Parents need to do the following:
-Provide oversight for their student’s daily progress on assignments.
-Review work with their students and regularly monitor their student’s grades.
-Issue final letter grades. At the end of each semester, parents and students are given a summary of all scores on chapter exams, quizzes, homework, and participation in class.

Instructor available by email at, Schoology, or by telephone at 360-297-8936

Students must have reliable internet service and a printer
Students must have completed Algebra 2 with a high B or better. You will not survive this class if you didn’t master Algebra 2.

Students must have time to work on Math Tuesday-Friday, every day.

Text: No text is required as the videos and assignments and answers are all posted on Schoology. The following topics are covered:

This free site includes daily videos, daily worksheets, worked out solutions and extra worksheets if students need more practice.  All files and mp4 videos are also found on Schoology.

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UNIT 1: Intro Skills
UNIT 2: Function Introduction
UNIT 3: Function Analysis
UNIT 4: Function Algebra
UNIT 5: Polynomials
UNIT 6: Rational Functions
UNIT 7: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

UNIT 8: Trigonometry Intro
UNIT 9: Unit Circle
UNIT 10: Graphing Trig Functions
UNIT 11: Trig Identities
UNIT 12: Solving Triangles
UNIT 13: Coordinate Systems
UNIT 14: Vectors

UNIT 1: Limits
UNIT 2: The Derivative
UNIT 3: Basic Differentiation
UNIT 4: More Derivatives
UNIT 5: Curve Sketching
UNIT 6: Implicit Differentiation
UNIT 7: Approximation Methods
UNIT 8: Integration
UNIT 9: Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (part 2)
UNIT 10: More Integrals
UNIT 11: Area and Volume