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High school courses have proven to be a strong program at Sound Learning. Parents report that they have been successful in preparing students for the rigors of college education. The courses immerse students in the philosophy of Biblical Worldview and give them essential skills that they can utilize in their ongoing education.

Physical Science 9th-12th grades
Chemistry 10th-12th grades
Biology   10th-12th grades Offered 2018-19, 2020-21

Composition  1- Following Narnia Volume 1 6th and up
Literature 2  8th-9th grades
Introduction to World and American Literature – 9th-10th grades
Advanced Literature and Composition  – 10th-12th grades

Social Studies
Washington State History – 9th-10th grades
United States History – 10th-12th grades
World History – 10-12th grades Offered 2018-19, 2020-21

Algebra 1 8th-12th grades
Geometry 9th-12th grades
Algebra 2 10-12th grades
Advanced Mathematics 11-12th grades

Artistic Pursuits 6th- up