Valerie Otheim

High School English

Valerie’s educational background includes Bachelor’s of Arts degrees in English/Secondary Education and Interior/Architectural Design. She has taught for over 25 years as a homeschooling parent and  teacher-consultant offering high school History, English, and Study Skills classes for home-schooled students. She is currently working on certification with Institute for Excellence in Writing. As a teacher, she shares IEW founder Andrew Pudewa’s passion for “equipping students to speak, think, write, and communicate truth in a world that seems increasingly in need of truth.”  Valerie also enjoys gardening, sharing her indoor tree house with her grandsons, and camping out in her backyard Viking tent.

Available by email at or by telephone at 360 536 3104

2016-17 Classes
JH/HS English Composition 1
High School English Composition 2

2015-16 Classes
High School English 2
High School English 3
Study Skills for Sound Learning

2014-15 Classes
High School English
Washington State History
Church History and Apologetics Seminar