Joy Pope

Junior High and High School English

Joy’s education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary English Education (grades 7-12) and continued education in the teaching of writing.  She has taught for over twenty-five years, including teaching in public school, homeschooling her own children, and teaching homeschool classes.  Joy loves to teach students to be curious about literature and to be capable writers.  Besides teaching, she may be found either inside reading a book by C.S. Lewis or outside enjoying plants and small creatures.  Her newest joys are playing with her granddaughters and travelling to far away or not-so-far-away places.

Available by e-mail at or by telephone at 698-3533

2016-17 Classes
Language Arts 1
Language Arts 2

2015-2016 classes
Language Arts 1
Language Arts 2
High School English 1
2014-2015 classes:
Language Arts I
Language Arts II
Honors English