Denise Kowalski

Instructor of Math

Math classes with Denise Kowalski at Sound Learning have earned the reputation of being highly successful in preparing the students for the next level of math.  Students enjoy Denise’s light-hearted and fun approach to math and rise to the challenge of learning difficult material.  Math courses demand a lot from a student, but Mrs. Kowalski is there to come along side and help students through the difficult concepts.

Here is what some students have said about her classes.

“It is the best math class I have ever taken! I have learned so much more than when I was using Teaching Textbooks.”
“Mrs. Kowalski goes the extra-mile to help you understand.”
“Math is my favorite class.  She makes the difficult concepts understandable.”
“She prepares us for the next week ahead with great examples.”
“She always says “You will get out of this course, what you put into it.”
“Mrs. Kowlaski adds a fun-flair to math!”
“If something doesn’t make sense to me, she will find a way to help me understand.”
“She makes things sound fun even when they aren’t.”
“She always says that ‘Learning is the goal, not grades.’”
“Mrs. Kowalski is extremely patient when students don’t understand the concepts.”

Parents also are thrilled:
“Denise has high expectations and I appreciate that.  While demanding she is very willing to  help students understand the concepts.  If a student is willing to work hard, she will go all out to help them.”
“Denise is an amazing teacher and person.  I am so glad my student gets to spend time with her.”


Denise  earned her BS in Chemistry and another in Medical Technology, as well as a BA in German. Currently, she works part time as a medical technologist. She has taught 6 years in the classroom, 10 years homeschool math through Calculus to her children and 5 years of co-op classes. As an instructor, she most proud of the fact that her students excel in math at the college level, especially if they complete her Advanced Math course.

Available by email at djkowal at or by telephone at 360-297-8936